Is there even such a thing as true love?

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eHarmony Truths

Posted by hopelessromantic1121 on December 2, 2006

This guy Dan Jacobs recently did the math on eHarmony’s number that show, they claim, that they are the best in the business at making marriages.  What he found was crazy: eHarmony members are actually LESS LIKELY to marry than single member of the general public.  How weird is that.

You can check out the math and his funny blog entry here.

He’s also a cutie pie!



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Dating Services Suck

Posted by hopelessromantic1121 on November 29, 2006

I hate online dating services. I’ve tried them all, been matched with thousands of people, and have never EVER found the jolly good ranger I’ve been looking for. Why is this? I’m no academic, but I read a blog today that addresses this question. It’s called No Short Cuts in Life and it seems to make a lot of sense. What do you guys think?

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